Saturday September 26th

Morning Class 9am-12pm
Afternoon Class 1pm-4pm
Cost per class: $125.00
Maximum Number of Students 3

Silver clay allows "ordinary artists to become metal smiths," according to the manufacturer. There will be an initial talk and teaching demonstrations. I limit the groups to three at a time because the clay hardens fairly fast, meaning my overseeing your pieces in smaller groups prevents errors. The groupings will depend on the complexity of your piece and who is ready with ideas first. It doesn't take more than half an hour to complete a piece. We will use cooking oil spray on my hands and the mats to keep it from sticking and prevent waste. You don't want to lose any of the clay! Let me know if you are allergic to canola oil.

The pieces made will need to be put into the kiln for a couple of hours and then polished. They will be polished in a rock polisher with stainless steel shot and can be ready by the next day. There will be breaks and the flexibility to make as many pieces as you wish, depending on the amount of clay you purchase. Finished pieces will be mailed to you.

All necessary tools and stamp patterns are supplied. If you have a favorite tool bring it as long as it isn't aluminum. There will be refreshments provided. Masks are required and social distancing will be in place.

Kathy McCullough is a retired airline pilot who lives in eastern Oregon on a wheat ranch with her husband, Kevin. She loves art of any kind, and began kiln work in high school with copper enamel jewelry.