Saturday April 25th 2020 & Saturday June 13, 2020 10am - 4pm $85.00. Max 12 Students

Learn about SoulCollage® and make your own personal deck of SoulCollage® cards. This practice, created by psychologist Seena Frost, provides an easy, beautiful art medium for expressing one's unconscious through found images. Never sold, but best freely shared, SoulCollage® cards, along with the "I Am the One Who" writing or speaking prompt, bring ideas and understanding to our awareness as images are shortcuts to our deep psyches. They speak to the imagination and intuition. What do they have to say to you? You'll create 5-inch by 8-inch collaged cards using images from magazines (materials provided). We're not "making art" so much as we're letting the images speak to us and learning about our inner selves through a gentle, fun, creative process. Reading the cards that we've made using the active imagination prompts offers us insight and healing that comes directly from our own wisdom.

All materials will be provided, but if students prefer certain special scissors or glue, they can bring their own. If students have particular images they've collected, they can bring those, too, but I'll have plenty of images and supplies for them.

One hour lunch break. Please bring your lunch. Full kitchen available for your lunch. Full size refrigerator. Bathroom at studio. Please let us know if you require side entrance ADA, as we will need to clear the snow prior to class.

Laura Strudwick took her first SoulCollage® class in 2007 and has been hooked on the practice ever since! She has been a trained SoulCollage® facilitator since 2012. She regularly participates in the Pacific Northwest Regional SoulCollage® Facilitators' Group and holds frequent SoulCollage® workshops and open studios at her home in Rhododendron. She loves to share the SoulCollage® process with people from all walks of life; for example, she combined SoulCollage® with Tarot at her workshop for the 2016 NW Tarot Symposium. Laura also has a PhD in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology, an interdisciplinary humanities program combining comparative literature, religion, philosophy, and psychology, from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has been involved in education as a teacher and tutor for over twenty-five years. Her website is for SoulCollage®