Saturday June 22nd – 10am – 4 pm. Bring a lunch or restaurants in the village. This is a one day beginning class, taught by guest artist Kathryn Watne. It will cover basic enamel techniques-metal prep, tools, application techniques such as-stencils, dry sifting, wet application, sgriffitto, and safety. All materials will be supplied-copper, tools, opaque and transparent enamels. Sample pieces will be made, final project can be a pair of earrings, or a pendant suitable for a necklace. Register by June 17th $200.

Bio - Kathryn Watne learned the art of enameling as a metal/jewelry major at the University of Washington in Seattle.

"A class in enameling got me hooked immediately; the color palette, the process of a powder becoming a jewel-like glass from being fired in a kiln was like magic,"  After graduating, she was a bike messenger, and was encouraged to continue learning about the process after seeing her professor, John Marshall, at a local coffee shop.  She bought a kiln, some enamels and played around in the basement of her parents house, making pins for friends, selling at local art fairs.

Moving to Hood River in 1991 to pursue her love of windsurfing, artwork took a backseat to sports, but after a motorcycle accident, she spent more time in the studio reteaching herself techniques learned years ago, and is now a full time jewelry artist.  Her style could be described as earthy, vibrant, and contemporary with a twist. Learn More Here: