Saturday June 6 & Sunday June 7, 2020. 10am-5pm. $250.00. Max 6 Students.

The student will be learning basic enameling skills using fine silver cloisonne wire as a design element. If you have sawing on metal skills and would like to bring your own shape. feel free, otherwise the instructor will have earring or pendant shapes. We will be dry sifting and wet inlaying powdered enamel onto copper shapes, firing in a kiln Since this is a beginning class, simple designs with the wire will suffice I wear reading glasses with clip-on magnifiers to help me see. Visit enamelartsupply online to see the ones i use. I will supply enamels, cloissine wire, infrared glasses, copper shapes. Supplies and Tools for students to bring include: white plastic spoons, dust mask, small paintbrush, tweezers with a pointed end for bending wire .

Kathryn; Watne learned the art of cloissone enameling as an metal design major at the University of Washington. She bought a small kiln one day and started playing around making pins for friends. Mostly self-taught, she has been a full time enamel artist for the last 8 years. A working member of a Hood River art co op Art of Oak, board member of Gorge Artists Open Studio Tour. Visit www.kathrynwatneenamels or kwatneenamels on instagram